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Capacity statement


MSCS complies to latest ISO17021 and ISO17024 standards while meeting legal requirements. We have Mongolian auditors who are certified and qualified as auditors on various management systems. Company’s team of well qualified and experienced engineers are from all engineering disciplines like Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Food Technologist etc. and all are having individual recognition as qualified auditors on various management systems.

MSCS has an excellent track record of achievements in the field of ISO Certification and Training having empanelment and recognitions from various authorities worldwide. Indeed, we are proud that we offer global recognition, ISO Certification and Training from prestigious certification bodies, especially when the cost is affordable and the content is in our native language. It saves cost and time for Mongolian companies and individuals to be trained and audited in their native tongue without any extra cost given that the certification is recognized across the globe.

MSCS and its International partners certify more than 15,000 companies each year and prepares around 5,000 ISO auditors and implementers. Only in Mongolia, we certified more than 30 companies from various fields, including construction, mining, energy, furniture, trade, food, metals, educations, culture, logistics, maintenance, design, etc.


MSCS has a big team of almost 800 auditors from our partnering countries to call upon. It also has more than 30 active Mongolian auditors throughout Mongolia who have 10-30 plus years’ professional experience, excellent background in ISO training and audits, covering all programs and industry sectors.