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Quality policy, Code of Ethics

MSCS Policy Statement

  • MSCS LLC (MSCS) operates in accordance with the legal requirements in Mongolia and the requirements as set out in the latest ISO17021 and ISO17024 standards, current International Forum Guides and respective Accreditation Bodies’ specific requirements.
  • MSCS is committed to provide professional, independent, impartial and value added auditing and training services to the different management systems.
  • MSCS strives to offer services and certifications accredited internationally and recognized worldwide.

Code of ethics

1. Acceptance and Offer of Advantage/Benefit/Gratification/ Gift and Entertainment

All MSCS personnel shall not solicit or receive any advantage to any person or organization. All the certification activities undertaken shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the accreditation standard(s) and EQAIMS documented management. In the event that it is unavoidable for the gifts and entertainment provided after the services are being conducted, MSCS personnel shall report to the management on any gift or entertainment received.

2.Confidentiality of Information & Conflict of Interest

As part of MSCS and its International partners’ documented requirements, all MSCS personnel shall sign the Confidentiality & Conflict of Interest & Impartiality Agreement as a commitment not to disclose any confidential information relating to MSCS, the customer and/or any other related party. It is the responsibility of each individual MSCS personnel to declare any potential conflict of interest that may arise when undertaking the assigned task.

3. Act Honestly, and In Good Faith, Due Diligence to Fulfill Work Function

All MSCS personnel shall perform their work function professionally with the highest level of integrity. MSCS does not accept falsification of any kind and shall be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of any audit document produced.

4.Relationship with Subcontractors or Agents

As part of the effort to alleviate the risk of the certification business, in the event that MSCS engage any agent(s) to conduct audit(s), MSCS shall ensure that the prospective party is a legal entity and a legally enforceable agreement shall be incorporated. All MSCS subcontracted auditors are treated as fulltime MSCS personnel and shall strictly carry out certification activities in accordance with the accreditation standard(s) and MSCS documented management system.