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Use of Certification Logo

Congratulations on your achievement of the certification!

We are pleased to append below the guidelines on the Certification Maintenance; and guidelines and controls on the use of the Certificate and Certification Mark.


  1. Certification validity period is three (3) years, with the date of expiry stated therein in the Certificate. Certification can be maintained by recertification audit upon expiry.
  2. Surveillance audits are to be performed on a six (6) or twelve (12) monthly basis, with the 1st Surveillance to be performed within one year after the certification decision made date. In the event that such surveillance audit is not performed, the certification will be suspended.
  3. MSCS will give one (1) month advanced notification on upcoming surveillance audit. The audit date shall be fixed and notification will be sent one (1) week before the scheduled audit. Change of audit date is usually not permitted, unless there is specific reason to change, and shall be subjected to MSCS’ schedule.
  4. In the event that surveillance audit cannot be performed within the timeframe due to special reason, such as moving of office removal, extension on audit scope, etc., prior notice must be given to MSCS.


  1. The certification shall be suspended under the occurrence of any of the following circumstances:
    1. Surveillance audit is not performed within one month from the established timeframe;
    2. No further action was taken after a follow-up visit;
    3. Misuse of Certificate and Logo;
    4. Non-payment of the audit fee
  2. In the event that the certification is suspended, MSCS may notify relevant bodies and organizations in this regard without discussion.
  3. In the event that you did not implement the corrective actions that you are required to take due to the misuse of accreditation, certification mark and Logos, the accreditation board will be notified accordingly.


  1. Copy of certificate can be used and presented, when necessary.
  2.  Request for issuance of additional original certificate will be subjected to an issuance fee of SGD100-00 per certificate plus any tax applicable.
  3. Alteration on the issued certificate is strictly prohibited and if found, MSCS shall treat the matter through legal means.


  1. The unique Certification Body Logo, also referred as certification mark, bears the specific Trade Mark number, is registered under the relevant Trade Marks Act and can only be used under the consent of MSCS LLC and its International partners.
  2. Where the client is certified under the JAS-ANZ or IAS Scheme, the certified client may use the JAS-ANZ accreditation mark together with the certification mark.
  3. When using the JAS-ANZ or IAS accreditation mark + certification mark, the certified client for the different JAS-ANZ Schemes shall ensure that the standard awarded and their certificate number are clearly displayed.
  4. The JAS-ANZ or IAS accreditation mark + Certification Body’s certification mark shall be used together and boxed up similarly as the following examples. Certification Body’s certification mark must come before the JAS-ANZ or IAS accreditation mark. The JAS-ANZ or IAS mark shall be placed adjacent to the name and/or logo of the accredited body’s client. The physical dimensions of JAS-ANZ or IAS mark and Certification Body’s mark shall be proportionately equal.
  5. JAS-ANZ mark is only to be reproduced in the colour combination as shown in the above sample [PMS Reflex Blue and PMS 485 (Red)]. The URL for the JAS-ANZ register (WWW.JAS-ANZ.ORG/REGISTER) must be displayed. If the symbol is used more than once in the same document the URL need only appear in the first instance. 
  6. JAS-ANZ mark may be reproduced in a single colour to conform to existing pre-printed stationary or newspaper and magazine articles. 
  7. Both marks may be uniformly enlarged or reduced, but shall be sufficiently large for the wording to be clearly legible. It shall be used on a background that will not impede readability and only be used in its normal horizontal orientation and not be rotated. 
  8. When the certified company is using its own name or logo together with the combined JAS-ANZ + Certification body mark, the display shall be such that the combined mark is no less prominent than the certified company’s name or logo.


  1.  Certified company may use the JAS-ANZ accreditation mark + certification mark on publicity and other stationery materials such as brochures, business card, letterhead paper, quotations and websites. When using the combined marks in advertising and promotional publications, certified company is highly encouraged to send the sample(s) to Certification body for vetting before use.
  2. The certified company shall:(a) only claim that it is certified in respect to those activities which are covered under its scope of certification, clearly stipulated on the issued certificate;

    (b) only use the combined mark for premises covered by the certification;

    (c) not make any statement regarding its certification that the Certification body may consider misleading or unauthorized;

    (d) not allow the fact of its certification to be used to imply that a product, process, system or person is approved by the Certification body;

    (e) not use the combined mark on any test items, products or literature, certificates, or in a way that may be interpreted as denoting product conformity.


  3. Upon suspension or withdrawal of certification by Certification body, the client shall immediately cease:(a) using the certificate or combined certification marks for potential business opportunities (e.g. participating in a tender);

    (b) distribution of all items on which the combined certification mark or any reference to the Certification body is displayed, and shall ensure discontinued use or distribution of these items;

    (c) using statement(s) regardless of documented or not documented to imply that they are still being certified by the Certification body.