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MS CERT, witnesses the loading of your products into the container to make sure you’ll get what you ordered. MS CERT, provides the above mentioned services on various products – such as Food products ,Jute based products, mechanical engineering products etc. � MS CERT, knows the risks you run when you buy these sorts of products. We have the knowledge and expertise in-house to protect you against the risks. We minimize geographic distances, language and cultural differences by a local presence inside vrious corner of India .

The range of services that the Company provides to its clients consists primarily of the following Conformity Assessment.
Third Party Inspection
System Verification as per various Management System Requirements
Pre-shipment Inspection
Superintendence of Loading/Unloading
Safety Audit
Insurance Solutions
Industrial Risk Analysis

The services are offered to the following sectors : 

Mining Industries
Iron & Steel Making Industries
Power Plants
Mechanical /electrical engineering industries
Export houses
Ores and minerals sectors
Fertilizer plants
Textile Industries
Jute industries
Hospitality & Health Services
Paper Industries
Food & Beverage Industries
Petroleum Industries etc.
Equipment / Items Handled
Mechanical Equipments

Petroleum Tanks. ,Pressure Vessels. Other Storage Tanks,Filters, Heat Exchangers, Utility
Boilers ,Chillers ,Cooling Towers , Water Purification plants , Reverse Osmosis (RO)System , Fire Fighting Equipment,Chlorinators ,
Compressors Material Handling Equipments like Conveyors , Bucket Elevators , Lump Breakers, Cranes etc Others
Laboratory Equipment , R & D Equipment ,Plates, pipes, fittings Pipe Lines Lined Equipments , Valves ,Strainers,FDV, Plates,hoses,Ducting , API Pipes , Coated Pipes Electrical
D. G. set with AMF Panel , MCC, PCC , UPS , HT/LT Cables , Variable Speed drive Load Break Switch, Transformer ,Motors ,Batteries & Battery chargers , Capacitors Light Fittings, Frequency controller Instrumentation
Pressure Gauges , Level gauges , Flow & Pressure Transmitters , Control valves Analyzers , Digital and analog meters , Actuators, Sensors , Alarm annunciation Panels Solenoid Valves , Flow metersetc. Material handled
Alloys Titanium, Tantalum, Monel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Incoly, Carpenter Steel, etc. Stainless Steel Grades 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 316 Ti, 317, 321, 347, 410, 904, 904L, Duplex etc. Carbon Steel Grades
Boiler quality Steel, Low Temp. / High Temp. Materials, Cladded Steels, Structural steel. Others
PP, HDPE, FRP, Rubber, Teflon, Graphite, Ceramic, Glass, Lead, PE, etc. pointer

Манай үйлчилгээ

Management System Certification

pointer ISO 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

Supplier Audit

MS Cert, will research the risks attached to a mutual working agreement between you and the supplier …


Ms Cert, gives you the assurance you need by inspecting the actual end product

Safety Audit

Physical inspection of the plant with reference to applicable Indian standard, Indian electricity rule ….

Risk Analysis

We also import our services in identifying Risk and developing manuals and other related documents…


MS cert, Offers Auditor Training Courses on QMS, EMS and FSMS

Бүх ISO Баталгаажуулалт

ISO 9001 нь байгууллагын дотоодод Чанарын удирдлагыг бий болгоход зориулсан олон улсын стандарт юм. “Чанар” гэдэг нь хэрэглэгчийн…..


ISO9001:2015 Чанарын Удирдлагын Тогтолцооны Баталгаажуулалт, ISO22000:2018 Хүнсний Аюулгүй Байдлын Удирдлагын Тогтолцооны Баталгаажуулалт….


MS Certification Services компани нь JAS-ANZ буюу Австрали, Шинэ Зеландын Итгэмжлэлийн Нэгдсэн Системээс Бүтэн Хамрах Хүрээний итгэмжлэл….