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MSCS is a Mongolian company commenced its operations in 2017 following a demand from Mongolian businesses to get recognized at a global market through ISO certifications. The company offers ISO Training, Certification services and Business tours abroad. We collaborate with International Certification Bodies as their local or regional offices. Therefore, we are proud to offer best quality and highly prestigious third party certification services as well as training services that are fully accredited by JAS-ANZ, based in Australia and New Zealand; and IAS, based in the U.S. They all are the members of International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

MSCS now operates in collaboration of Ms Certification, a prestigious International Training and Certification Body from India. It focuses on International management system standards, particularly Quality (ISO9001), Health and Safety (ISO45001), Environment (ISO14001), Food safety (ISO22000, HACCP), Anti Bribery (ISO37001), Information Security (ISO27001), Risk management (ISO31000), Energy (ISO50001), etc. MSCS can provide any type of management system certification to companies and organizations across Mongolia.

We are an energetic team of young and experienced professionals, auditors, and trainers from Mongolia, and India. We can deliver services with Mongolian and overseas personnel both online and on-site.

We are committed to contribute to our community in Mongolia by importing the knowledge from the well-developed countries, internationally accredited training contents, and Internationally recognized auditors’ base from our International partner companies. We are always happy to learn from the acknowledged bodies whilst distributing the gained expertise and knowledge to our Mongolian peers.

Reasons to choose MSCS

Internationally recognized certification

Affordable pricing

Offers with options you can select

Quality service

A strong team of local and overseas personnel

Experience, qualification, and communication


To offer selective services from various International Bodies which are well-recognized globally and to maintain the satisfaction of our customers at high level at all times.


To be a leading ISO Training and Certification body in Mongolia with our high quality and up-to-date services and to grow at the International market.


  • Speed
  • Wide network
  • Strong team
  • Value added services